On the 3rd of April 2020, we successfully conducted a food drive in the Kibra area where we provided free non-perishable foods i.e. maize flour, cooking oil, rice, green grams; 260 reusable disinfected masks; and handwashing soap to over 60 vulnerable families, including single-parent households, families with disabled kids/members and two households with cancer patients.

This response was informed by the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 on the day to day lives and livelihoods of the community members. A large percentage of the population in Kibra support their families through daily odd jobs. Due to the restrictions on movements and social distance, these families found it challenging to meet the household demands including basic needs such as food.  

The food drive, therefore, helped the families not only to meet the household food and sanitation necessities but also gave them the incentive to stay home, observe social distancing and protect themselves to prevent further spread of the virus.

During the drive, our team had a conversation with the members of the community on conservation. Despite the challenges, the residents are playing their part in protecting the environment through recycling, raising awareness, proper disposal of waste, conducting cleanups and ensuring hygiene.

“I’m conserving my environment by fetching rainwater, collecting garbage and putting it where it’s supposed to be,” Irene Akinyi, a human rights defender based in the community, said.  

Special thanks go to our Chairperson, Beatrice Karanja, Wambui Kibicu and everyone who gave gracious donations that made this possible. Special thanks as well to our dedicated volunteer team whose commendable work ensured the efficient implementation of the initiative.

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