The Sauti za Conservation web series aims to create a platform and form a network for youth and women in conservation to have their voices amplified, which has further inspired, educated and advocated for more engagement in conservation. It further aims to connect different youth voices across Kenya, engaged in a plethora of conservation efforts ranging from environmental protection, to climate change and wildlife preservation, and to channel effective and positive messaging across online platforms to drive traffic to community-based partners and other conservation stakeholders in leveraging much needed support for conservation development investment.

The compelling content that Uvumbuzi Africa has published on its YouTube channel has attracted 1.6 K viewers to its Sauti za Conservation web series in the 7 months since it went live, with over a 10 K audience reach on Facebook, and boasts a steady increase of 32.8 % online audience reach between the months of September and November 2020.

To date, Uvumbuzi Africa has featured the following individuals on its web series:

  1. Kenyan Artist Nyashinski on two occasions: during the Virtual Lewa Safari Marathon Uvumbuzi Africa participation and during the Uvumbuzi-Nyashinski Masai Mara Expedition.

2. During our Covid-19 Sanitation and Food Drive Intervention between March-April 2020, we featured:

  • Joseph Omondi of KShoes Kibera, who uses recycled fabrics to make custom made shoes. (Visit Website)
  • Ashraf Shaban, a youth volunteer in Kibra.
  • Karen Akinyi, a Human Rights defender at the Kibra Peace, Rights and Justice Center.

3. Nadya Somoe Ngumi, a writer and conservation enthusiast during our first interview segments of conservation leaders.

We are also currently in the production process of other content that features youth/women led conservation based initiatives and enterprises from various biodiversity hubs across Kenya, which we shall be publishing on our Sauti za Conservation web series in the next few months.


Contact person for Sauti za Conservation: Ibrahim Omar (Programme Officer)


The PiCCs forum has managed to engage youth and women from University students specialising in Environmental Science, Wildlife Clubs, community youth engaged in conservation and nature lovers and enthusiasts.
Initially, Uvumbuzi Africa hosted its PiCCs forums exclusively at the Oloolua Forest in the Karen area, in Nairobi, but in 2020, it has been able, through our partnerships and growing network of stakeholders, to host successful PiCCs at the Narutenoi Conservancy, adjacent to the Nairobi National Park; and most recently, at the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) headquarters in the Maasai Mara.
The PiCCs events on average attract between 30 to 50 participants, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we hosted our first online PiCCs on World Lion’s Day 2020, with 11 participants attending the forum.

Contact person for PiCCs: Natasha Nyangara (Programme Officer)


Conservation by Discovery is Uvumbuzi Africa’s motto. As such, our team embarks on journeys across Kenya, to discover the untold conservation stories at the grass-root levels. So far we have visited: the Oloolua Forest in Karen, Nairobi (largely unknown); the Nairobi National Park; Kibra Urban Slum; and the Masai Mara.
On each of these journeys, Uvumbuzi Africa discovered inspiring and compelling initiatives that are premised on environmental stewardship.

Oloolua Forest (Visit Fb Page)

  • The Institute of Primate Research (IPR) Visit Official Website
  • The Uvumbuzi Club Patron Container  Visit Website

The Nairobi National Park (Visit)

  • The Narutenoi Conservancy adjacent to the Park

Kibra Urban Slum:

  • The Slums Going Green and Clean initiative
  • The Marafiki Green Leaders (CBO)

Masai Mara:

  • Community oriented and Zero Carbon Emission, Naserian Mara Camp in Lemek Conservancy (Visit Website)
  • Nashulai youth/women 
  • soap making project in Nashulai Maasai Conservancy  (Visit Website)


Our partnerships are a reflection of our passion for community level sustainable conservation with a strategic focus on identifying, nurturing and empowering young conservation heroes and leaders especially through innovative means. Through these partnerships, we not only strive to provide identified youth with opportunities to reap from our partners’ programmes, expertise and individual partners, but also leverage our penetration and network of youth in conservation at community levels within their mandate areas and through their platforms.

Uvumbuzi Africa, continues to find lasting solutions to existing and evolving challenges against youth and women in representation and participation in conservation development. We are poised to continue to discover the unlimited ways we and our partners can significantly make a difference to people, the environment and wildlife in Kenya and the broader African continent.