• Our Advocacy Program aims to advocate for citizen engagement and inclusivity in the entire conservation sphere. Our main goal is to showcase the authentic stories of youth and women in conservation and steer support to their on-going as well as planned conservation projects and initiatives. The inclusivity we advocate for includes the deliberate fusion of the arts and environmental stewardship to enhance conservation efforts. 

Project 1: (Digital Media for Conservation)

The Sauti Za Conservation YouTube web-series creates a platform for youth and women in conservation to have their voices heard. Through our compelling content shared on our social media platforms including our YouTube channel, we aim to advocate for and inspire more citizen engagement in conservation.

Sauti further aims to showcase youth and women engaged in a plethora of conservation initiatives and enterprises with the aim of steering much needed support and conservation development investment from donors, partners and conservation stakeholders.

We have recently launched a segment called ‘Sauti Briefs’, where we create informative videos on current and urgent conservation issues to keep our audiences in the loop of what is happening in the Kenyan and African conservation space.  

To view the series, please visit: Our YouTube channel

To be featured on our show, please contact:


Project 2: The Arts for Conservation

This project seeks to create collaborations and partnerships between Artist and Uvumbuzi Africa to fuse the arts and environmental stewardship efforts, awareness on existing conservation initiatives and joint fundraising opportunities and campaigns.

Through our discovery journeys, we strive to identify new talent and create linkages between established and upcoming artists to propel conservation efforts in Kenya and in time, the broader African continent. We also wish to participate and conduct targeted advocacy through the arts.

Project 3: Citizen and Stakeholder Participation Program

Through our new segment on our YouTube channel, called Sauti Briefs, we aim to inform and elicit active engagement and conversation from our audience on current conservation topics and current affairs in Kenya and Africa.

  • PiCCs
  • Lobbying for legal change
  • Awareness of citizen and stakeholder rights
  • Engaging legislators to lobby for legal change in the conservation space.

Would you like to learn more about Uvumbuzi Africa's Advocacy Program ?

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PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Karen Triangle Mall, Karen Road, Nairobi

PHONE NUMBER :+254 799 454325


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