Positive disruption has evolved as a concept because change is disruptive by nature. Given a choice, many people will do whatever it takes to avoid it. But in today’s rapidly changing world, change is a necessity that promotes growth and progress.

Positive Disruptive Change

Our Take

Conservation, like any other industry, is constantly being affected by the ever evolving global dynamics and circumstances relating to the realization of key conservation objectives. Markets change, technologies change; cultures change. These evolutions prompt a necessity to challenge the status quo. It is paramount to acknowledge that these global changes have brought to light certain shortcomings in the approaches that have been considered the norm, and most effective thus far.

Uvumbuzi Africa recognizes the need for a re-evaluation of traditional conservation practices and the value of more adaptive and innovative approaches to conservation efforts. Our aim is to inspire conservation organizations and vital stakeholders to see the potential of new methods that can facilitate the achievement of our collective conservation goals, especially in light of the fact that the challenges facing conservation seemingly evolve faster than the current mitigation strategies.

Our Approach to Positive, Disruptive Change

The use of new media as a key strategy for the implementation of our objectives, coupled with the focus on the youth in conservation leadership, are some avenues in which Uvumbuzi Africa aims to bring positive, disruptive change to the conservation space. Bringing a spin to the status quo in the conservation industry by advocating for the active involvement of youth in policy, decision-making and conservation leadership may be the solution to the current stalemates and shortcomings being experienced in the sector.