Africa is facing a multitude of conservation challenges ranging from poaching, deforestation, overuse of natural resources, loss of biodiversity, unsustainable consumption and production, desertification and so on. Kenya is not left behind. These largely anthropogenic challenges, if not addressed, will, without doubt, push humanity to the precipice. Here we realize the importance of wildlife conservation.

To address these challenges, meaningful citizen engagement and ownership of conservation efforts is direly needed. Fortunately, there are ongoing array of efforts, by individuals and organizations, to ensure Africa does not get to the brink. These efforts – to ensure that the continent’s natural resources and heritage remain sustainably intact as we progress into the future – are significant and commendable.

This is what Uvumbuzi Africa aims to build on. Uvumbuzi Africa exists to maintain this momentum and act as a conduit for discovery of conservation advocacy, philanthropy and environmental stewardship.

Uvumbuzi Africa acknowledges, as we all must, the crucial discoveries, progress and achievements of the generations before and giants in the conservation sphere, noting that, each generation builds from the knowledge of the previous ones. In the same breath, we recognise the shortcomings of some of the ineffective current practices in conservation with the aim of creating positive, disruptive change in the conservation industry.

Uvumbuzi recognizes the opportunity for young men and women to take up the mantle for leading conservation efforts as the older generation of conservationists naturally begins to withdraw from active and aggressive participation. The passion, creativity and innovation of the young generation, even in the most unimaginable circumstances, are invaluable qualities that undoubtedly promise to breathe life into conservation. That’s why Uvumbuzi starts publishing the importance of wildlife conservation at everyone’s door step. 

Uvumbuzi aims to tap into this fire and support this cohort of fired up youths. By supporting youth-led conservation initiatives and start-ups, Uvumbuzi Africa aims to create a diverse collage of locally funded, conservation entrepreneurs and future leaders to form part of a wider collective to advocate closely with policymakers, investors, international conservation organizations, government and other stakeholders. This will allow them to play a vital role in policy engagement, implementation and overall decision making aimed at fair, equitable and balanced conservation and environmental efforts within Kenya.