Uvumbuzi Press team

In this episode, the popular Kenyan pop, hip-hop and R&B artist Nyamari Ongegu popularly known as Nyashinski sat down with our own Natasha Gatungo to chat about life, music, environmental and wildlife conservation and what inspires him.


During the conversation, Nyashinski urged the youth to be more actively involved in the protection of the environment and wildlife without waiting for things to get worse.

“The youth need to own and drive conservation affairs in the country. It’s not a preserve of the old,” he said.

To be more involved, the former member of the now defunct rap trio group Kleptomaniax said that the current crop of youths is inclined to take action and only need to be more informed and enlightened if they are to play their role effectively.

“The more informed the youth are, the earlier they are likely to jump into the conservation bandwagon,” Nyashinski said. 

The Marathon Runner singer said he is not only ready to become a conservation ambassador and lend his voice to wildlife conservation efforts as an artist and a person of influence but will also actively play his part through donating towards conservation, encouraging others to be actively involved in environmental and wildlife conservation and being a conduit between stakeholders.

“I love animals… and I want to leave a good environment and country for the coming generations,” Nyashinski concluded.