Uvumbuzi Press team

Nadya Somoe believes that environmental and wildlife conservation go hand in hand. And one cannot survive without the other. As a writer passionate about words and nature, she melds her passion and skills to promote environmental and wildlife conservation through online platforms.

“The easiest way to be involved in conservation, wherever you are, is through online platforms,” she said during a conversation with our programme officer, Ibrahim Omar.

The ‘hashtag activist’ said that the youth sometimes lack the motivation to take part in conservation as a result of the feeling that their action might be too small to make a difference.

“One way to stay motivated is to keep reminding yourself that what you are doing can make a difference,” she advised. “Also, find like-minded people, people who believe what you believe, to give you the fire to press on when you need it,” she added.

Nadya believes women are the hardest hit by environmental challenges especially in rural areas where their chores revolve around fetching water, collecting firewood and so on.

“If they [women] understood how they could play a part in conservation, I really think it could turn the tides since it’s a lot more personal for them,” she said.

Nadya has faith in the ability of the youth to change the world. “The youth,” she says, “when passionate, have the power to change the world since they have tools like social media that can spark conversations and action across the world at their disposal.”