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We exist to advocate for the entrenchment of citizen-driven environmental stewardship in Kenya and the broader African continent, spearheaded by youth and women. Our identity is derived from the Swahili word ‘Vumbua’ which means ‘to discover’. In this context, Uvumbuzi Africa is premised on the concept of ‘Conservation by Discovery’ of the numerous, largely undiscovered conservation stories, people and natural habitats in Kenya and across Africa.’


Positive Disruptive Change

The Need

We observed that the authentic voices of citizens, particularly those of the youth and women on matters conservation, have largely gone unheard, thus limiting their active engagement in environmental stewardship.’

The Approach

We strive to create a dynamic advocacy platform through interactive programs and using new media, that will amplify voices in conservation and showcase youth and women led conservation initiatives and enterprises with the aim of steering support to them.


Uvumbuzi Africa welcomes you to play your part for the planet! Give a gift today, and help us mould the future of sustainable coexistence, development and mutual prosperity of humans, wildlife and the natural environment.


Our volunteers are the backbone of Uvumbuzi Africa, making a difference every day, contributing their expertise, time and passion towards the organization’s programs. Volunteering with us gives you an opportunity to play a vital role, helping to develop your community and to play your part in environmental stewardship.

Work with us

Our partnerships are a reflection of our passion for community level sustainable conservation with a strategic focus on identifying, nurturing and empowering young conservation heroes and leaders especially through innovative means.

Join us on our journey, as we encourage, promote and support citizen participation and ownership of sustainable conservation of wildlife in Kenya and Africa.



The use of new media as a key strategy for the implementation of our objectives, coupled with the focus on the youth and women in conservation leadership, are some of the avenues in which Uvumbuzi Africa has used to bring positive, disruptive change to the conservation space and achieved the undernoted milestones in its first year of operations

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